Urban Smart Homes

Our homes are smart homes and designed from the ground up to have home automation and be energy efficient.

Our homes are built in city centers, not in outskirts of town, so as to enrich the quality of life of our clients who desire an Urban Living lifestyle. Having an energy efficient home is also a requirement for most buyers these days and we keep this in mind throughout our design process. An energy efficient home will offer lower cost of utilities, be more comfortable year round and impress your guests.

The experience starts from the approach to the estate with solar powered gate, perimeter lighting and borehole pump. Each home has a backup solar power system that will power interior lights and fans for over 6 hours at night.

All exterior doors and windows are connected to and monitored via a central monitoring system. You can get a status of any door or window if it’s open, closed, the temperature  all on the smart panel located in the hallway or on your cellular phone from anywhere in the world. The standard smoke, radon and carbon monoxide detectors that are installed in all living area are also linked via Bluetooth to communicate withe central monitoring system. The central monitoring system will also alert your cellular phones as well as sound a general alarm in case of an emergency. There are also security cameras to allow you to monitor the estate gate, front and rear doors to your house. All the wall switches are dimmable and programmable to set mood lighting and of course connected to the central monitoring system so you can control your light from anywhere in the world.

For entertainment purposes our homes have structured wiring to enable an efficient distribution of audio, video and network connection to all rooms in the house.

Our homes come standard with the following items:

  • Energy efficient architectural designs.
  • Energy efficient electrical fixtures and switches.
  • Energy efficient plumbing and water faucets.
  • Energy efficient doors and windows.
  • Linked smoke, carbon monoxide and radon detectors.
  • Prewired for an expandable home automation system.
  • Electronic monitoring of all external doors and windows.
  • Central audio, video and safety monitoring system with alarm.
  • Programmable and dimmable electric wall switches.
  • Multimedia wall outlets in all key areas.

Our model home will showcase all the technology.


As a subsidiary of OSIFESO Enterprises Limited, we support our corporate motto of “Promises Made Are Promises Kept”