Our projected payment plans.

Outright Payment
We will offer a low all-inclusive sales price for outright purchases with a very rewarding incentive when taking this popular option.

Short-Term Accelerated Payment
This payment structure is for short-term payers who are interested in a quick loan payoff opportunity. N10M or 33% down payment (whichever is higher) and balance at 15% interest rate. The balloon payment is due in 3 years with no prepayment penalty. Buyers may also convert to the mortgage plan when the balloon payment is due.

Long-Term Mortgage Payment
This payment structure is for buyers who prefer a standard mortgage. N15M or 25% down payment (whichever is higher) with the balance financed at 21% until the loan is paid off. These are loans that will be packaged for sales to investors and/or banks.

We aim to package most of our loans for sale to investors and/or banks. Please see details at Osifeso Investments (Investments.Osifeso.Com).

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